Right customer. Right promotion. Right time.

The intelligent promotional marketing platform

Journey 121® delivers turnkey promotions that move your customer from prospect to great. Profitably.

Unlock the power of your customer data
Leverages existing information to execute profitable programs.
Gives you visibility, precision and control of promotions
Cut waste, focus spending on your most profitable areas.
Delivers promotions through every marketing channel
Right customer, right promotion, right place, right time in their journey.
Measures your promotions’ effectiveness
By program, by channel, ongoing, in real time.

Three Turnkey Programs

Prospect to New
Your next great customer
  • Uses customer geographic data to determine your hyper-local targeting area across channels
  • Laser-focuses on ideal prospects for your business, based on demographic modeling and scoring of existing customers
  • Evaluates campaigns via test and control to measure incremental sales increase
New to better
  • Stimulates return visits from first-time customers
  • Moves customer to increase frequency
  • Lets you compare first-time customer return visit metrics between store locations—one of the best measures of successful brand delivery
Better to great
  • Avoids wasting promotional spending on customers who are already loyal
  • Focuses spending on winning back customers who haven’t returned in a specified period of time
  • Executes promotions based on each customer’s individual purchase cycle

Bold Orange, a leading customer experience company, announces the acquisition of Journey 121

Platform Technology

Delivers turnkey-simple marketing Programs as a Service
Integrates with your existing marketing technology platform
Operates in a cloud environment, on a Microsoft technology stack
SPSS test and control platform measures incrementality of program redemptions

Just a few years ago the Customer Journey was a foreign concept, but the franchisees have seen the value of the analytics of customer data and what it means–not just as discounting and marketing, but as a customer-engagement measurement.”

Steve Hockett – CEO of Great Clips Inc.

The Journey 121 platform provides turnkey, data-driven marketing programs that optimize campaign and promotional strategies for all 4,400+ Great Clips locations.